Our Philosophy

Youth have valuable ideas and opinions that are crucial to the development of youth-centred policies. When young people are informed and engaged, better decisions are made within families, schools, community groups and within formal levels of authority and governmental organizations. At C.W. Youth Resource Center we act with youth to advocate for youth.


Youth Boxing

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In our Youth Boxing program, we get down the basics with the fundamentals; then progress to more advance boxing techniques and styles. Youth work with our coaches in a structure driven environment aimed at providing them with:

Self-discipline techniques



Self control

Punch combination


Defense and head movement

Coordination and fitness.


The Arts

The best way of creating programs for youth, is through actually talking to and involving youth.  

While not all of our art programming involves youth engaged directly in the planning and development, in most cases, we work directly with youth to co-create art and event workshops youth want to see and engage in.

Youth play an important role in the conversations about their lives and the issues they’re facing.

By exposing youth to the Arts, youth develop positive skills and capacities that are valued by leaders and employers. Skills and capacities such as persistence, collaboration, creative thinking, problem solving, motivation, and problem solving.

Youth Sketchbook Project


Urban Agriculture

“From the Ground Up Project”

Gardens, public and private, make cities and communities better. They’re places for people to meet, to be active and to positively collaborate.

Gardens are also helpful to the environment; supporting people, plants and animals, in addition to cooling our shared planet.

Hidden Root Farm teaches youth how to connect with the natural environment and how to experience the joys and healthy benefits of being outdoors and in gardens.

From the Ground Up“, a hands-on educational outreach program targeting youth through Hidden Roots, an apiary, flower farm & fiber studio network.

Programming engages traditional urban farming with an overall focus on cultural and indigenous food, micro-forests and flower and fiber gardens.

Our programming inspires the appreciation and conservation of Nebraska plants and the environment. Youth work with community volunteers and invited speakers in natural environments.

Above all, we’re making gardening a joyful experience through From the Ground Up.

If you’re interested in collaborating or partnering with us, please reach out.


Life Skills, Community Service & Job Training

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